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Reviewing your assets for protection, our simple three step process

Updated: Feb 16

Sellar Bone

Do you know your net worth and what you stand to lose in a disagreement? It’s a tough subject to broach but one we see all too often when relationships turn sour and disagreements mean a split within the business or family.

Taking a proactive approach to asset management allows you to understand the true landscape of your assets and how to protect them. Our approach at Sellar Bone is to take a consultative review of your assets and work with you on how you wish them to be allocated and protected. In the event of a disagreement in the future this proactive approach ensures you can still keep or allocate your assets as you see fit. This makes it easier for everyone involved in the long run and can save many hours of negotiation and expensive legal fees.

Through a proactive approach, you will know that the assets will be secure and potentially safeguarded for future generations.

(1) Build A Comprehensive View of your Assets

Do you know your true net worth value and what you should be protecting? Are you including the family home, the wealth of the business? Do you understand your creditor liabilities or your partners liabilities?

Since a lot of change can happen within relationships and businesses, do you truly know how a disagreement will play out and how that might impact your assets?

Proactive Asset Reviews solve this problem by providing you with clear visibility of all your assets and potential areas of risk. Working with Sellar Bone & Partners will support you in undertaking a review of your assets and identifying the areas to plan for risks or to support a proactive mitigation plan.

(2) Identification of Potential Asset Loss

Don’t wait until a disagreement or a creditor comes calling, when you can take a proactive approach to asset management instead? With the right plan in place you can front foot relationship and shareholder agreements making it far simpler in the long run. How long has it been since you reviewed your plan, as life circumstances change and families grow keeping on top of potential asset loss is important for allocating them later.

(3) Proactive Agreements

Our approach at Sellar Bone is a proactive one, we find this saves time and money in the long run but most importantly it can settle any potential for arguments and costly court cases. As an individual or business owner you may have a large range of assets you wish to be protected in the future. If you are reading this right now, perhaps you have some concerns over relationships or debtors. You must act before it is too late to put protective measures in place to manage your assets better and safeguard their future.

With asset protection, you can focus on managing the urgent needs of your customers while having peace of mind for the future. A discussion with Sellar Bone can out you on the right track today.

Download our guide to asset protection:

Asset Protection is all about giving you peace of mind for your assets so you can concentrate on your core business.

Dealing with these issues today will safeguard tomorrow. It’s essential to have shareholders agreements, relationship agreements and asset protection set up BEFORE issues arise.

In our guide, we share with you our advice on how to get the most out of Asset Protection. If you’ve been considering trusts, relationship property agreements or shareholder agreements, this guide will help you

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