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We provide a wide range of legal services whilst using our combined experience to achieve the best results for our clients.


A trust is a legal instrument which protects your property for the benefit of your family. By appointing a nominal owner – a trustee – you give your property an extra layer of protection in certain situations.

Many New Zealanders choose these arrangements for their home or business, or for investments which they want to benefit their family. Essentially, the property is looked after by the trustee – invested, managed or maintained – and distributions (if any) are paid to the beneficiaries at certain intervals.

It is important to get the trust deed (the document that constitutes the trust) right the first time to avoid future difficulties. This is where our highly experienced lawyers can help. With decades of experience in this field, we can make sure the document is advantageous to you.

We will explain the different structural options, to help you determine which meets your needs. In conjunction with your tax accountant, we may also be able to advice on any potential financial implications.

Company Law

If you are like most New Zealand business owners who are in business with other shareholders, you probably need an agreement in place before a dispute occurs and give piece of mind for shareholders that if a dispute does arise the mechanisms are in place to resolve it.

Sellar Bone and Partners can assist with both business disputes and business mediation together with the purchase of a business or establish a new business.

Our business disputes services include reviewing and advising on:

  •  agreement negotiations

  •  lease of the premises

  •  financing the purchase

  •  incorporating company or setting-up partnership

  •  intellectual property

  •  restraints of trade

  • transfer of employee

  • preparation of Shareholders Agreements


Are you buying or selling a property, and want to ensure a smooth transaction process? Many people especially first time buyers or those new to investing are surprised when they find out just how much legal and other work is involved with property transactions. It’s not just the contract; there are tax issues, title transfer, Body Corporate and other elements to consider.

With years of experience in delivering quality legal services, we are ideally placed to offer you advice and service throughout the conveyancing of your Auckland property. We will ensure that you are fully informed at each stage of the process, and that delays are avoided wherever possible, so that you have the simplest and most straightforward transaction possible.

Our team acts for both vendors and purchasers, and can confidently represent you during any negotiations or disputes over conveyancing-related matters. Both John and Luke are members of the ADLS Property Disputes Committee so are well versed in dealing with disputes.

We are happy to assist at any stage of your transaction, and no matter is too big or too small for our attention. Please contact us to find how we can assist with matters concerning your conveyancing in Auckland.

Relationship Property

Ending a relationship is tough on both parties — emotionally, practically and financially. If you are currently going through a de facto or marriage breakup and need assistance or advice regarding your legal rights and responsibilities, Sellar Bone and Partners can help.

Our service is not simply to approach your situation as just another case we file away; rather, we want to ensure that the service we provide is always personable and tailored to your specific situation.

We provide caring, compassionate legal help to clients from all backgrounds and circumstances. Our aim as one of Auckland’s best and most knowledgeable divorce lawyers is to ensure that our clients can confidently move forward with their lives, knowing that their interests (and the interests of their families) are protected.

Finding the best divorce lawyers in Auckland for you is a matter of finding an experienced practitioner who you feel comfortable working with. At Sellar Bone and Partners, we provide a welcoming environment in which clients can feel free and empowered to discuss their legal concerns and share important information. In years in practice, we have assisted many individuals to achieve the best possible separation and divorce outcomes, and we can do the same for you too.

Sellar Bone and Partners can assist with relationship separation agreements, separation of assets, and providing services as expert separation lawyers.

At the commencement of a relationship it is also important to consider whether a Relationship Property Agreement should be signed to protect your assets should you separate from your spouse or partner. Sellar Bone can assist in advising on these agreements and have years of experience in drafting and advising on these agreements. We find that sometimes where one or both parties have assets this can cause tension in a relationship. By signing such an agreement this can often release the tension and the parties can get on with their life without worrying about what might happen if they were to separate.

Property Transactions

Purchasing your new property is a challenging, stressful and time-consuming matter. Whether it’s your very first home or a brand new commercial investment, chances are you are thinking about moving forward, rather than concentrating on all the legal and administrative elements of the deal.


However, it’s important to get all that transactional paperwork done right the first time. Sellar Bone & Partners can help protect you if you need an assistance and advice from an experienced lawyer.

If you are concerned or confused with anything you have read or heard during the course of your deal, or if you would just like to be fully prepared before entering into marketing and negotiations, we can help.


Encompassing a trusted team of real estate lawyers, Sellar Bone and Partners offer a full scope of services which can be tailored to the needs and style of different stakeholders, from independent first-time buyers to investment professionals.

Wills and Estates

Our partners are regularly appointed as executors/trustees in clients' wills usually together with a family member or business associate of the testator as a second executor/trustee to ensure that the testator's wishes as stated in his/her will are properly carried out.

We have amassed significant experience with deceased estates. With almost 100 years servicing the community, we are equipped to help you.

Our services include reviewing, advising on and/or attending to:

  • the provisions of the will

  • obtaining probate

  • obtaining letters of administration if there is no will

  • realising assets and paying debts

  • final tax returns

  • making distributions in terms of the will

  • resolving disputes between beneficiaries

Please contact us to find how we can assist with any aspect of creating a will or managing an estate.

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